Curious but not sure where you want to start?  We have two introductory courses for you to choose from.

Our first course, Wiccan Fundamentals, is a FREE course to give you a taste of what lies behind the magickal curtain.

The second, Wiccan Basics, is our required introductory course.  It’s a three month immersive experience into the basics of Wicca.  It is priced as crazily low as it is because:

I believe Wiccan Basics should be readily available to everyone and

I want anyone who is curious to be able to learn these Basics without having to commit to the whole Wiccan Apprenticeship.  Sometimes we don’t know whether we want to really get deeply involved with something until we try it on for a bit.  This course allows for that real taste without requiring life-long commitment.

Introductory Choices:

Wiccan Fundamentals!

Price:  Take this course for FREE
Length:  1 Week

Learn what Wiccans do, the why and the how.  Get a glimpse into our history, learn the 7 C’s of creating sacred space, discover the fundamental principles that inform all Wiccan practices.

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Wiccan Basics

Price:  3 payments of $9
Length:  3 months

Ready to jump in?  Take this three month course and learn the basics of Wicca:

Circle CastingPhilosophyHistory

Experience the full practice with meditation, energy working, and more!

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Now that you’ve taken the first steps on the Wiccan path, what comes next?

Well, that’s up to you.  I have two options to offer you.

The first is the Wiccan Apprenticeship program.  It will continue on where the Wiccan Basics left off.  It is a set of 4 courses, each of which is 3 months long, tied together into a full Apprenticeship.

The second is the Wicca 101 course, essentially the light version of the Apprenticeship, good for those who aren’t in a position to invest the time and effort into the Wiccan Apprenticeship program.  9 Lessons long, it focuses on the information of Wiccan practice, rather than the experiential process of the Apprenticeship.

Wiccan Apprenticeship

Pre-Requisite:  Wiccan Basics
Price:  $59/month for 12 months OR $590 up front (save 2 months!)
Length:  1 year (4 courses each 3 months long)

This 12 month course is a deeply experiential course that will involve ritual and spells, energy and meditation.  You will connect with the Goddess and God of Wiccan practice as well as meet your personal Goddess and God.

We will connect with nature and with our witchy ancestors.  We will learn how to act and exert our Will into the world.  There will be chanting and movement, guided journeys and as always a deeply important invitation to reflect on and integrate your experiences.

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Register: $590

Wicca 101

Pre-Requisite:  Wiccan Basics
Price:  $17/month for 9 months or $119 up front (save 2 months!)
Length:  9 months

Prefer a more purely scholarly approach to your learning?

Not ready for the deep commitment of the Apprenticeship?

Find the cost of the Apprenticeship prohibitive?

Then the Wicca 101 course is for you.  Styled in a more traditional 101 presentation, this course focuses on the information necessary for a true understanding of Wicca.  The structure will mirror the Apprenticeship in having 3 main sections that topics will be organized under:


It is a 9 month membership course.  Membership in the groups and forums (excluding the Apprenticeship specific ones) is included!

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Register $119